Hope Powell says Albion will take it one game at a time in the Conti Cup as they prepare to take on Manchester United in the quarter-finals.

Albion have beaten teams like Arsenal to finish second in Group B and secure their place in the latter stages of the competition.

With the final and the chance of silverware potentially two games away for Albion does Powell think they have what it takes to go all the way? She said: “We take one game at a time, you win the next game you think why not? You win the next game and you think why not?

“We are up against a very good side. We will try and win the game and if we win it then we’ll try and win the next game and so forth if we get to the final we will try and win that.”

United lost to Bristol City recently in the WSL and Powell says that what makes football so unpredictable.

She said: “It shows the beauty of football. I think everybody is expecting Manchester United to beat Bristol and they go, ‘Hang on a minute, we are still here and we are going to have a go’, so these results can happen.

“Who would have expected us to beat Arsenal in the Conti Cup, who would have expected Bristol to beat Man United? That is the beauty of the game so we go out and try to win games.

“We don’t go out to lose, we want to win. We recognise who we are playing against and we respect that, but we are still going to go out to win.”

With Albion having adopted a policy of giving players a chance in the cup so far, will Powell change her policy now they are in the latter stages of the competition?

She said: “I don’t think so. I think the priority has been the league, of course we want to do well and stay in the competition.

“We have drawn Manchester United away it will give us a chance to look at players again and I think it is a great opportunity to play against a very good side in another good game of learning and why not we will try and win it.”

United have made quite the impact since forming prior to the beginning of last season winning the WSL Championship in their first season losing only one game out of 20 in the league.

They have begun their first season in the WSL well winning five of their opening ten games, but saw their game against Liverpool postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

But, does Powell think the League is high up on their priority list?

She said: “I would argue that they want to win the league, go into the Champions League.

“I think the brand demands it, the players they have signed demand it, the club demands it and for sure Casey (Stoney) wants it and why wouldn’t she?

“She has got a really good platform to start from the brand will attract world class players.

“The defeat against Bristol she will not have taken that kindly and probably as a result of that they will come back a little bit stronger I’m sure.”

For some of Powell’s squad it’s only their second season of being professional footballer and she’s proud of how far they have come.

She said: “A lot of the players here have been on a journey with the club having been with the club for a long time, they have come from grassroots and not always been a professional.

“For some of them it is only their second year of being a professional footballer and that being said they have done really well and I’m really proud.”

United have the Barmy Army, who follow the team up and down the country and Powell hopes to see this happen more in the women’s game.

She said: “I think it’s quite nice that you have staunch followers that will follow the women’s game. That is probably a turning point as that hasn’t happened before.

“It’s deep within the men’s game, they travel all over the world. I wouldn’t do it personally but there are some hardened fans that will and that is lovely.”