Megan Connolly is grateful to Laura Rafferty and Fern Whelan helped her get through the tough period of being out with injury.

The 22-year-old midfielder missed four games in November with a muscle injury.

Connolly praised fellow players Rafferty and Whelan, who are out injured, for helping her through her fitness battle.

She said: “When I was injured, Raff and Fern helped me.

“We are a very close team as it is, so even fit players are helping injured players and the injured players are helping the fit ones.

“Everyone is helping each other and the environment we have here really helps when you are injured because you feel together, you feel part of the team there is always someone there to help you.

“That helped me big time being injured being out its tough not be involved.

“When you are not involved on the pitch it is hard to feel part of the team, but when everyone there for each other makes it easier.”