Franco Ravizzoli and Matias Torres are hoping to follow in the footsteps of Sergio Torres and play in the Football League.

The pair have come over from Argentina in the last year to pursue their footballing dream and are playing in non-league at the moment.

Ravizzoli is playing at Eastbourne Borough under the coaching of Sergio Torres, as well as training three times a week at League Two outfit Crawley Town.

Matias is playing in the Isthmian South East for one of Torres’ ex-clubs, Whitehawk.

Both Ravizzoli and Torres are hoping they can follow in the footsteps of Sergio.

Ravizzoli said: “That was my idea when I left Argentina, to follow Sergio and he inspired me, as I knew all about him when I was over in Argentina and knew his story through Matias.

“Before I came to England I was talking with Sergio and he told me how the life is over here and how professional the clubs are, even in the lower leagues, which is completely different to Argentina and most places.

“Eastbourne play in the Conference South and I am quite surprised by the standard.

“I like the football and I said I’d come to England and try my luck and follow in Sergio’s footsteps.”

Matias said: “For a few years I was following Sergio, I read his book and he told me about the football and I saw clips of him playing.

“I wanted to follow in his footsteps as I said for a few years I had been following him. For two years I had been telling Sergio I wanted to go and what do you think? and Sergio said to me ‘if you are 100% sure do it’.

“He spoke about hard it will be, being away from the family, as well as a different language, different weather, etc. Sergio said he was going to help me.

Both Torres and Ravizzoli think that the football is much more physical in England.

They said: “The football in England is more direct, it is a lot faster paced and the players are stronger and taller.

“In Argentina it is more technical and played at a slower pace. Here is it a lot more stressful, but I like it and that is why I am here.”

Torres who did exactly the same thing that Ravizzoli and his cousin Matias are doing now under his guidance says it is like turning back time.

He said: “It is like going back 16 years.

“One thing that is different is we speak Spanish, so I said to my wife we need to speak English around the house so they get used to it as well.

“I see the hunger, the willingness to leave everything behind to try to achieve the dream.

“Franco knows if he goes back he will probably end up playing in the second or third division in Argentina and that is not something he wants to do.

“I said to them it is brilliant if you start in non-league because that teaches you the basics of the game, the culture and it’s not going to big stadiums each week.

“Sometimes you play in front of three people and a dog.

“I am really happy they play in non-league, but if a league club comes that would be amazing for them.”

With Torres having brought two players over to England, would he be tempted to do it full time?

He said: “I have had so many players asking me to get them a trial, but I have had bad experiences with agents in my career.

“I always said if I am going to do it, I want to do it properly, look after them.

“I like coaching, but like I can say if I can help someone like I am helping Matias get a contract.

“It is a new life experience they are both 22, even if it doesn’t work, it is a life experience.

“If I can help other kids from Argentina then I’d be the happiest man to know that I helped.”