Neal Maupay has been defended by his past and present bosses after a fiery finale at the Amex.

The Albion striker had to be led away after a dispute with Ezri Konsa at the end of today’s 1-1 draw with Aston villa.

The two players were colleagues last season at Brentford, where Villa boss Dean Smith was in charge.

Smith said: “They were mates – I’m not sure they are so much now!

“I like Neal. He did very well for me at Brentford. He has got the red mist every now and again that can descend but I thought it was handbags.

“They are good mates but it just shows you they have both got that fire in their bellies to do well for their teams.”

Albion head coach Graham Potter added: “I think it’s just an indication of the intensity of the game.

“It was a hard-fought Premier League game. Both teams want to win.

“Emotions are running away at the end so it’s handbags.

“We know he (Maupay) is that type of personality and actually it is how he controls it and how he manages the situation.

“That is what makes him who he is.

“Like any human being as we get older and we get wiser, we can handle things in a different way and that is a part of his development.”