Hope Powell says West Ham are a really well balanced squad ahead of Albion's clash with them this afternoon.

The Hammers are a point and a place above Albion and Powell thinks they are have plenty of strengths.

She said: “I think the experience they have got in the league, the quality of their players.

“They have got pace in certain areas, not so much in others, so I look at it on paper and go this is quite a balanced team here it is going to be end to end and quite a scrap.

“Psychologically they have been in it a lot longer than we have I don’t mean as a club, but as a set of players which could be an advantage for them.

“Other than that we are pretty close, it is just about who performs on the day.”

Albion are a point behind the Hammers, who beat them 3-1 earlier this season at the People's Pension Stadium, and Powell hopes her side relish the challenge.

She said: “You’d like to think they would thrive, but you don’t know until it is over and that’s football it’s up and down.

“Wednesday we were great and we hope to be great again on Sunday, but you just never know.”