Graham Potter said five minutes of madness sent his side slithering to a costly defeat.

Albion conceded twice late in the first half as they lost 3-1 at fellow strugglers Bournemouth.

Potter said: “Until 40 minutes I thought we were in control of the game.

“I felt the home crowd were about to turn on the home team.

“Then it was five minutes of madness from us and the scoreline changes pretty quickly.”

Potter said of Harry Wilson’s opening goal: “It’s a long ball into the centre-backs, it drops down, there are a couple of ricochets and then all of a sudden it is in the back of our net.

“It is not a sustained period when we are getting camped in our box and all that sort of stuff.

“It is an action we need to do better with.

“But, from a confidence perspective, I thought the performance was really good to that point.

“Then we have a couple of errors, get the crowd more involved in the game and, once it’s 2-0, it’s a difficult evening for us.”