Graham Potter has vowed to stick to his footballing beliefs, no matter how tense things get in the Premier League run-in.

Albion’s head coach is aware of suggestions he might need to change his team’s style if they remain embroiled in a battle to stay up.

The Seagulls are part of a six-team group who are at least five points from the rest of the Premier League as they prepare for a weekend of six-pointers.

But Potter believes the way his side play is that which gives them the best chance to pick up precious points.

He told The Argus: “It’s an interesting one because people’s default position, I suppose, is that the answer is to do whatever the other alternative is to how we play.

“Whether doing that helps us win or not, I am not so sure.

“It’s a way to play that is comfortable for everybody, not just me but the players as well.

“Probably what is more damaging is if you have a way you want to play and, when things get more tough, when you start to feel the external pressure, that you start to not be yourself.

“That can be really damaging.

“You have to believe in and stick with something, you have to identify yourself with something.

“There is no guarantee in any football that any style is guaranteed to win.

“If you can tell me a style that can help Brighton win every week, then please tell me now.

“It’s not the first time I have had this conversation.

“You can only do what you believe is right, you can only play how you want to play and play to the players’ strengths.

“Even when you do that, there are no guarantees in football.”

Albion go to 17th-placed West Ham on Saturday while Aston Villa visit fellow strugglers Bournemouth.

The other two teams in the bottom six, Norwich and Watford, visit Newcastle and host Everton respectively.