Hope Powell says Albion’s home form is partly down to being driven on by the fans.

Albion have picked up four out of their eight wins in all competitions at the People’s Pension Stadium.

In the Women’s Super League they have picked up 11 of their 12 points this season at home, with three wins and two draws, but have struggled on the road.

They will be looking for more home comforts tomorrow night when they host Manchester United at Crawley Town’s home.

Powell said: “It (home form) has been a lot better than it has with the away form.

“We have to thank the crowd, who are really a massive part of that.

“The fact that you are playing at home means you want to entertain the crowd and they are really there to try and drive you on.

“There are lots of factors. When you go away there is the travelling, the journey time on the coach and all those factors are quite often against you.

“Most importantly away from home you don’t really have your own fanbase.

“Our home form is definitely better so we have to capitalise on that.”

Powell also says it helps that the spectators are now housed in the main stand.

She said: “The steady increase in the support has helped. When we played Everton there was over 800 and there were not a lot of travelling Evertonians.

“You can really hear it when you put everybody in the main stand.

“You can just see at the end what it means by the way the players go and thank the crowd for coming by standing out for long period signing autographs.

“We value the support, we value everybody that turns up at home and away.

“We value their support and we want to play for them and it gives you that extra bit of energy to go and do the very best you can do.”

Tomorrow’s visitors Manchester United sit fourth in the WSL in their first season in the division.

Powell says they have plenty of strengths.

She said: “They have pace, they can score goals clearly and they are well organised.

“They have got a talented pool of players including some very good young players with the standout being Lauren James (pictured).

The Argus:

“They seem to have gelled well together in a very short space of time and that is testimony to Casey (Stoney) and the work she has done.

“They have certainly got a lot of pace in the channels, so as it goes on and the more experience they get, I’m sure they will continue to grow as a squad of players.”

Powell is also not at all surprised by United’s standing in the table in their first season in the top-flight.

She said: “They have got some quality players.

“I think everybody would have predicted with the players that they have brought in, and the stature of the club itself, that they would be there or there abouts.

“They are doing well, which they should do as they have got a decent squad with some really good players, so I am not really surprised at all.”