PAUL BARBER revealed Albion voted for the summer transfer window to stay as it was.

Premier League clubs voted to revert to the same summer transfer window as Europe’s other major leagues last Thursday and it will now close after the new season has begun.

For the past two years the transfer window has shut on the eve of the Premier League season but this summer it will close at 5pm on September 1.

Chief executive Barber said Albion were happy with the window closing before the start of the season – but can understand why clubs have voted for change.

He said: “We were happy for it to stay as it was, but we totally understand why the bigger clubs wanted it pushed back in line with the rest of Europe because they have got different considerations.

“We felt to finish the transfer window before the season started was better for us as a club, our fans and our coaches, who with a settled squad, can relax into a pattern of matches knowing that the players they have are going to be there come the end of the transfer window.

“I understand why the big clubs have felt disadvantaged by not having alignment with the rest of Europe and we had sympathy for that, but our preference was for it to stay as it was.”

He told TalkSport: “The bigger clubs have got to even out the playing field as far as it is possible in every way and from their point of view it was a logical decision to go the way we ended up going in the end.

“From our point of view we always vote on our account.

“We try and look at the whole picture, we try and be as supportive as we can to the league as a whole but ultimately my job is to represent Brighton.”

Albion’s Sussex Senior Cup quarter-final at Bognor has been rearranged for next Wednesday at Nyewood Lane (7.45pm).