Alexis Mac Allister has drawn a line under his departure from Boca Juniors – and prepared to surprise a few people in England.

If any Albion fans were in any doubt as to how big a deal their latest new face is back home in Argentina, they got it yesterday.

Mac Allister was followed by camera crews from the biggest TV stations in Argentina as he departed for Europe.

Two weeks after Albion confirmed Mac Allister was coming over before the scheduled end of his loan stint, chat about his exit from Boca rumbles on in Buenos Aires.

His move is a massive story and Mac Allister says there is plenty of politics going on about, in which he has no wish to get involved.

He recognised the size of the challenge that lies ahead in the Premier League.

But he also spoke about always being confident he would shine in the spotlight at Boca – while knowing a few others had less faith.

Mac Allister makes no secret of the fact he would love to go back to Boca one day.

But that was a long way off yesterday as he prepared to depart from Ezeiza International Airport, 15 miles south of the Argentinian capital.

Mac Allister told reporters: “People who know me well know what happened (regarding the early end of his loan) and I am very calm with this.

“I think everything I had to say has already been said.

“If I say anything, you will be talking about it all day!

“So I just want to thank Boca and wish them all the best, as I always do.”

Asked whether it was a dream to play in the Premier League, Mac Allister said: “Yes. Sure, sure.

“It was a big challenge for me when I arrived at Boca and I wanted to show I could play at Boca.

“Now I want to show I can play in the English league.

“It is a big challenge for me and I hope all goes well.

“I didn’t surprise myself at Boca but I’m sure I surprised other people.

“I knew what I could give and I knew I’d be at that level. That’s why I went to Boca.

“I didn’t go to Boca just for the ride, as I said that from the first day.

“For sure, lots of people were surprised (by how well he did) and I go with good memories, which is important.

“I’ll look back on the companionship I had with my colleagues.

“It was six months, which is a short time, but I had a great time. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope I’ll be back one day.

“I got into the national team because of Boca and I’m very thankful for that.

“We were very happy to win the Olympic qualifying tournament, which for us was very important.

“Now I am thinking about Brighton.”

Mac Allister heads to England having helped Argentina under-23s reach the Olympics in Tokyo this summer.

He is hopeful of being released to play in a tournament which coincides with the final three weeks of our pre-season.

There is also the Copa America this summer, an event in which he would love to take part if selected for the senior squad.

He insists the details of taking part can be discussed later on but he has told his club how keen he is to play international football.

Mac Allister said: “I have had a lot of conversations with Brighton during the year I was out on loan.

“They know very well that, for me, the national team is very important.

“When the moment comes, we will see what competitions we have and we will make a decision but they know what the national teams mean to me.

“All I am worried about is working hard at Brighton, doing things well for the club.”