Alexis Mac Allister today declared himself ready to go with Albion.

The Argentina international visited the club’s training complex as he prepares to join Graham Potter’s squad for training in the coming week.

He could make his Premier League debut away to Sheffield United next Saturday.

Mac Allister stretched his legs before Storm Dennis struck and posed for photos after linking up with the club following success in the Olympics qualifying tournament with his nation’s under-23s.

He told The Argus: “I’m really happy. If we are talking about the weather, I like it – or at least it doesn’t bother me at all.

“I’m full of excitement to get going.

“I was in the Olympic tournament and I was really pleased about that.

“We did it all in the best way and we ended up as champions.

“In the middle of the tournament it broke that I could come here.

“There was a few hours that were a bit difficult but in the end I was able to get what I wanted.

“I was happy and ready to get going in training.”

Mac Allister has been joined by his father Carlos, the former Boca and Argentina defender, on this trip to England as he settles in.

He had not expected to head to England so soon when he left Boca Juniors to join up with Argentina under-23s.

The 21-year-old added: “The truth is, ‘No’, if you’re asking but I always try to think about the present.

“At that moment, I was focused on the under-23s, which for Argentina was very important. I let other people worry about my contractual situation.”

Mac Allister has been keeping a close eye on Albion since signing for the club midway through last season.

He said: “I have seen quite a few Brighton matches and I think the team have improved a lot in terms of trying to play football.

“It’s a different style of football. A few young players have come in.

“They haven’t had the results after a good start to the season but the football is better.”

Asked whether he was concerned about the Seagulls’ league position, he said: “Not at all. When you see how the team is playing, you feel less worried.

“For now, the results haven’t followed but, playing like this, we will have a good chance of being well-placed in the league.

“I enjoy watching and studying the matches and thinking about myself in that team.

“I’m sure it will be a little bit more difficult for me because I will have to adapt.

“Adapt, for example, to the tempo.

“But I have my mind set on what I can do and I come with an open mind in terms of learning.

“I have come to learn and to bring my little grain of sand for the team doing well.”