Relieved Alexis Mac Allister is fit and ready for an Albion debut – despite being ‘fouled’ by a referee.

The Argentinian took a whack to the right thigh playing against Brazil in the final game of the recent Olympics qualifying tournament.

He saw the funny side of his unexpected collision with the match official.

Mac Allister said: “I had a few pains and they checked me but it has all come out okay.

“I gave a pass and I felt an impact from behind and I thought it was one of the Brazil players.

“When I realised it was the referee he said ‘Sorry’ in different languages and these things happen.”

Mac Allister trained throughout the recent Argentinian mid-season break but says he feels fit and fresh.

He added: “I started the season in July with Boca and in December I didn’t have any rest because I was with the national team.

“So I have been playing and training since June, July but physically I feel very good.

“That will not be a problem.”