Albion remain in limbo this morning as their Premier League season hangs in the balance.

All options remain open with the campaign on shutdown at home and across Europe due to concerns over the spread of coronavirus.

Albion already knew they faced three weeks without a fixture due to their FA Cup exit and the international break.

That has now been extended to at least four weeks after the home game versus Arsenal was called off.

Possible options include a season extension, the campaign being declared void or playing behind closed doors.

The home match against Manchester United on April 4 appears highly likely to be called off.

Albion chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber has consistently made it clear that health concerns come first.

He added: “We are not close to making a decision on the season.”

Albion defender Shane Duffy told fans via social media: “We will be back soon hopefully! Everyone stay safe out there, we will get through it.”

Trips for Albion’s internationals, including Republic of Ireland defender Duffy, will not take place.

Head coach Graham Potter had already been planning for the club’s longest ever in-season break between games.

Training continues at the club’s Lancing base with all players reported to be in good health.

Speaking ahead of the Prem suspension, Potter told The Argus: “We will probably arrange some sort of game when the Leicester game would have been (this coming weekend), an internal game.

“It’s just a way of keeping us ticking over.

“It is a chance to train. We need to carry on doing what we are doing, keep improving. We will make the best of the situation and be ready to adapt because I have a feeling we will need to do that.”