Albion players will NOT be reporting back to the training ground tomorrow.

The squad had been due to reconvene at Lancing and discuss what happens next while action is halted due to Covid-19.

Senior pro Glenn Murray tonight revealed there had been a change of plan.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, he said: “That meeting is not going ahead and we are awaiting further instruction from the club as we speak.

“I am sure it will be over the phone and we won’t be getting together as a group.”

Murray said it was the right call to stay away from the training base.

He added: “For me, when you have got 30 guys going to training, say 40 guys including staff, and each one has a partner, kids, they are seeing their parents and what not, surely one of them is going to bring it into the training ground. It is pretty inevitable, isn’t it?

“I think we should be self-isolating and trying to get over this stage and go back as healthy and quickly as possible.”