Albion fans have been told of the “miracle” Tony Bloom pulled off in Albion’s hour of need.

And they also now know how directors can tell that he is feeling the stress at half-time during home games.

Albion have produced a video celebrating their chairman’s 50th birthday.

It offers an insight into Bloom the football chief, the man – and the lifelong, excitable fan who celebrated promotion in style and travels to away games on the train.

Martin Perry puts his contribution to building the Amex into perspective.

Albion’s executive director revealed: “I had said to the board there would be two mountains to climb.

“The first one was to get planning permission, the second one was, ‘How do we fund it?’.

“We began to realise we were in the middle of what was to become the financial crash. He asked me to provide him with all the figures.

“The moment that I remember and will always live with me is I was going on holiday and he said, ‘I’ll meet you at Withdean’.

“I opened up my laptop and I went through all the numbers with him.

“He said to me, ‘I will fund it and we will worry about re-financing it later’.

“At that moment, I knew we had the stadium funded - and I can tell you I had a really good holiday!

“It was a miracle. It can only be described as a miracle that he was there at that moment because we would not have done it without him.”

The video, Tony Bloom At 50, takes fans behind the scenes and highlights the emotions he goes through watching games.

The half-time signs of stress? It’s in the video.