Albion star Bernardo has revealed he feared his parents had contracted coronavirus.

Mum Irene and dad Bernardo tested negative but the Brazilian full-back admitted: “I’m a bit worried about them for sure.”

He will be making his daily call home today – Mother’s Day here, though not in Brazil.

Daily telephone conversations with his family in Sao Paulo are now dominated by talk of Covid-19.

Bernardo senior is a well-known figure back home as a former Brazil international who played for Sao Paulo, Bayern Munich and Corinthians.

Talking to, Bernardo junior revealed the health scare came soon after his parents had been visited by friends from Italy.

He said: “Then my mum Irene started to feel ill and everyone was paranoid. She went to a hospital in Sao Paulo and paid for a test and thankfully it was negative, and my father Bernardo was tested and he was negative, but it was a scare.

“I call my mum every single day. That has not changed. But these days we are talking just about the virus.

“The worry is that they live in Sao Paulo, where there are half of all the cases in Brazil. So actually, the worst place in the country to be. It is the most international city, full of people.

“I am a bit worried about them for sure. The government is telling people to stay at home so that is what people are doing, but we know this is a dangerous time because the virus can spread so quickly.”

Albion’s players are currently training at home with the hope they can get back to normal in mid-April.