Graham Potter has revealed how Albion’s players are working through the shutdown.

The Seagulls squad are staying at home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Potter himself has remained isolated from the outside world as a precautionary measure after his wife showed flu-like symptoms lats week, although she has now recovered.

Players are using the Zoom app to have group training sessions and meetings.

That was also how Potter and deputy chairman Paul Barber spoke to the media yesterday.

Potter is also taking more time to talk one-to-one with players.

He said: “The guys have a group training session on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

“I go into that. I have been speaking to all the players one-to-one just to make sure they are okay and their families are okay.

“We have staff meetings with the coaches, making sure they are okay and their families are okay and then looking at viewing some games and bouncing around some ideas to get ready for when we start.

“It’s a general keeping in touch with everybody at the club.”

Potter reports spirits are good within the squad and was looking forward to calling fans yesterday afternoon as part of the club’s community effort.

But he admitted: “It is totally different. We are coaches of football players. It is impossible for us to do that at the moment.

“In terms of my job, I can’t do it. That is the truth.

“But you have to use the situation as positively as you can.

“We can still keep in touch with the players. We can still communicate with them. We can still keep them fit and active.

“We can still look after them and check their welfare. We can still speak as a coaching group.

“We can still analyse and prepare for the upcoming games.

“We can still do our jobs, just not the jobs we would do in a normal circumstance.

“As I have said, this is unprecedented and we have to adapt.

“We’ve been able to get equipment to the guys. We’ve emptied the gym and things like exercise bikes, mats and equipment we’ve got to the players.

“They’re allowed to exercise, so that’s possible, but it is a challenge. We do some stuff as a group over Zoom to keep that connection and fitness level at a maintaining level. It’s hard, but hard for everybody.

“First and foremost the concern is with the family, making sure everyone is okay. That’s where the one-to-one conversations happen and making sure the boys are all right.

“As we move forward, we can start to speak more from a tactical perspective or group dynamic perspective.”

Some Albion players have been active on social media and yesterday put out a video in various languages urging the public to stay at home.

Potter said keeping his multi-national squad in good spirits was as important as physical work.

He said: “If anything, it’s the priority at the moment because it’s a global crisis.

“The economy of this country is in lockdown, which I’m pretty sure has an effect on people.

“I know, just speaking to my wife, I’m working from home, she’s at home with the three kids.

“It’s tough having that adjustment time.

“We’re the same as a lot of families up and down the country. But we also know we’re in a fortunate position.

“We’re healthy, we’re okay and our thoughts go to everyone battling on the frontline in the NHS to try and get us out of this global situation.

“Our guys are all here, they’re all in the UK and that’s why it’s important for us to keep that regular contact, to keep that regular dialogue with the boys, make sure everybody is all right.

“Some of the players are away from their families, they are missing their families and that’s something we understand and can sympathise with.

“But we just felt that it was right for us to limit international travel, to stay at home, to be safe here.”