Paul Barber says Premier League clubs like Albion will help smaller outfits if they can.

Barber is mindful of the damage a lack of revenue will cause clubs in lower divisions.

But he said it was too early to talk about support from the Premier League during the coronavirus shutdown.

As well as playing in the third and fourth tiers in their more recent history, Albion have also sent several players to the lower divisions on loan to help their footballing development.

But, equally, they currently face their own massive financial challenges.

Barber believes it is "complete guesswork" as to when action will resume - and income will return for clubs up and down the country.

Albion's deputy chairman and chief executive said: “We’re all suffering at the moment, Premier League clubs as well.

“First of all, we’ve got to safeguard our jobs for our people. We’ve got to pay our bills and then, if we can, provide help for clubs further down the football family.

“Obviously it would be a good thing at a very, very difficult time.

“The last thing anyone wants is for any Football League club to go out of existence.

“The football family is just that. It’s too early to say how or in what way we could help, but certainly it is something on our minds.

“It is not that long ago this club were in the lower reaches of the Football League so we are certainly not looking down on clubs in difficulty.

“We certainly do have a lot of care but also have to focus at the moment on our own business.

“Overnight almost every club in the country has seen its income simply disappear, but its cost base largely stay the same.

“We’ve got to stabilise our own business, make sure we can get through the next weeks, months, however long it is before we can get playing football again.

“Of course, if we can help others we certainly will.”