The coronavirus shutdown is unprecedented in football.

But Graham Potter can remember being frozen out once before in Sweden.

Albion’s head coach was asked whether he had to call off training when in charge of Ostersunds.

Not because of a virus but extreme weather.

He said: “This is quite unprecedented.

“But, in Sweden, we had times when the cold forced us inside.

“It’s tricky over there because the sun is shining, it’s a nice blue sky, and I thought, as an English coach coming over there that the weather would be OK, but actually it was about minus 20!

“We did one training session and the lads’ sweat was dripping down their foreheads and literally turning into icicles. The eyelashes were freezing and then snapping off.

“Footballs were getting cold and turning into cannonballs.

“That drove us inside but obviously only temporarily.

“Not as extreme as we’re all experiencing now.”