Paul Barber has assured Premier League players they will not be rushed back into action.

Albion’s chief executive is confident clubs will allow teams to get fully back up to speed when the call comes for action to resume after the coronavirus shutdown.

He has also insisted there is no pressure to have the season completed before financial penalties kick in as part of lucrative TV broadcast deals.

Barber has consistently stressed there is no indication as to when football will return – and it remains the least of anyone’s worries as the nation battles against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Asked how soon matches could take place one the all-clear comes, Barber said: “That is something the Premier League has been speaking to the clubs’ sports science teams about.

“They are connected into the staff at the other clubs about what period of time makes sense.

“That kind of information is being updated all the time.

“I would imagine the longer players are away from their normal routine, then a little bit longer will be required to get back to that level of match fitness.

“That is a constant process that is going on.”

Barber said health comes before fulfilling any TV deals.

He added: “There has definitely been no discussion about there not being any point.

“The Premier League is putting people’s health first, which is 100% right.

“You saw that when the Manchester City-Arsenal game was postponed at very short notice and when our game against Arsenal was postponed shortly after that.

“You saw that the Premier League was making sure its priorities were right.

“We have all been very clear – clubs, managers, players and fans - that we want to see the season finished if it is practically possible and safe to do so.

“The big problem is we just don’t know when that is.

“We are trying to work through the different points as best we can, the different stakes in the ground the Premier League put there, to buy ourselves some time, which seems to be a sensible thing to do.

“We have been very grateful for the patience of all our different commercial partners and sponsors, both at a league and a club level, and also the patience of fans.

“They understand how serious the situation is.

“Nobody is clamouring for us to play football right now.

“Everyone is mindful of the other priorities that exist in the country at the moment.”

Albion will be playing for their Prem future if the 2019-20 season continues after the lay-off.

They are two points clear of 18th place and have some of their toughest home games of the season still to play.

The remaining fixtures could be among the most important the club have ever played.

Graham Potter would expect them to have time to prepare properly for matches of such importance. He is confident at will be the case.

Potter said: “I think most people would probably say you need a three-week break to get rid of the fatigue of the previous season.

“But, because we have had a period of inactivity now, maybe it is not the same.

“I think there are lots of things to consider. Thankfully that’s not my problem.

“We will be ready and we will do our best when we are called upon to help the country get over this quite terrible situation.

“We are maintaining as well as we can. We are keeping the guys connected and fit.

“We appreciate the situation we are in at the moment and we will be ready for when the games are going to start.

“I don’t think it will be a case of ‘we are coming out of isolation now and in a few days we are going to play football’.

“I think we will have some time to prepare.”

and we will have to make sure we use that and all the expertise we have at the club as smartly as we can.”

“You can second guess and drive yourself insane what may or may not happen.

“We have to look after each other, we have to maintain our physical levels and keep communicating with each other.

“However long it is, we have to make sure we’re ready for when the world thinks football will help with this situation.”