Graham Potter has revealed how he is playing teacher to his three children.

Albion’s head coach has been busy at home during the halt in Premier League action.

And he has not just spent his time supervising training sessions via video link or preparing for the remaining fixtures.

Asked about his teaching skills, he told The Argus: “I have done a bit of PE, a bit of maths, a bit of art.

“I’m getting them to basically make cards to say sorry to their mum, which is essentially my level of creativity in terms of what they are doing.

“You certainly appreciate the fantastic job our schools do for our children and the patience they have.

“They take it in turns to cry and fight so it’s just a nice process of that – sort of water torture for 12 hours!

“The twins are four and my eldest is ten so there is a clear hierarchy but still they like to challenge each other.”

Potter joins the children for sessions on their trampoline in the garden as he keeps in shape.

He added: “They basically torture me for about eight hours a day to go on the trampoline and then, when I'm on it, it's actually good fun but there's too many of us on there.

"I'm concerned I'm going to go to A and E and add more problems to the NHS because I've broken the arms of my boys!”