Albion have told worried employees and fans: It’s good to talk.

The club are taking supporters’ forums on to video after holding a press conference and a large scale staff meeting successfully.

Selected fans groups will get the chance to quiz deputy chairman and chief executive Paul Barber from their own homes.

Albion have led the way in the Premier League with their much-praised video media link involving Barber and head coach Graham Potter.

Barber also spoke to 270 employees via a Zoom video conferencing set-up.

He told The Argus: “My belief is, in difficult times, the need to communicate is greater.

“Rather than retreat and go into a shell, I think you have to do the opposite.

“In some ways, I think you have to over-communicate. People receive information in different ways.”

The online fans forums start today.

Barber said: “We are trying to replicate what we do with our face-to-face supporters group meetings up and down the county and up into London.

“There will be different questions.

“With people at home, we can do this during the day and break up people’s day a little bit.

“They can take an hour off work or home-schooling or whatever and they can have an Albion hour, as we are calling it.

“They can throw a few questions at me.

“If this situation goes on longer, we might well extend it to include one or two other people to take these questions.”