Graham Potter expects Albion players to come to “the right conclusions” to help their club weather the coronavirus crisis.

Potter, chief executive Paul Barber and technical director Dan Ashworth have seen offers to take significant pay cuts, made two weeks ago, accepted by chairman Tony Bloom.

Talks involving the PFA continue today over a possible mutual wage deferral by players.

Head coach Potter said: “The players are aware of the situation.

“I know they have made their own private charitable donations without any direction from us.

“They have done that off their own bat.

“I am sure they will be willing to help the football club.

“It is up to them and the PFA to come to the right conclusions, I think.”

Potter is aware Premier League players have been criticised for not taking pay cuts already.

He said: “You can understand the criticism, if you like.

“On the flipside, footballers and the Premier League contribute to the treasury in an enormous way as well.

“We have just had an election where issues of taxation have come into the equation.

“We are in a realty difficult situation with a global pandemic and we want to try and do the right thing as a collective, as a humanity.

“I am pretty sure football will come to those conclusions.”

Asked whether he would be pleased to see his squad offering to take wage reductions, Potter said: “It is up to them. They have got to make that call themselves.

“I am my own person. I have made the decision for me, for my family, for where I sit at the football club.

“It is up to the players and the PFA and everyone else to make their own decisions.”