Albion players are not getting bored yet of training at home.

But they are having to cope with uncertainty and "one or two" are not sleeping as well as usual.

Squad members have fitness programmes to follow.

They are also joining in group workouts held via Zoom conferencing equipment.

Head coach Graham Potter said: “It’s not only the physical work they do.

“It’s the routine, this connection with their team-mates that is also important.

“I think they are appreciating it.

“Certainly, in the conversations I’ve had with the boys, they like the fact it is there, they want it to continue and their attitude has been really good.

“If you’re talking about fitness levels to play in the Premier League, it would be unrealistic to say that they’re at that level because they’ve been in their houses essentially not playing football for a number of days now.

“That sport-specific fitness, they have dropped – as everybody has.

“They are trying to keep up a base level of fitness, look after themselves on a psychological level and just keep ticking over.

“They would much rather be back on the training pitch playing football or being able to do all the things that everyone else would like to do.

“One or two are finding it difficult in terms of they’re not sleeping so well and just trying not to worry too much about their own situation. The unknown of what’s going to happen is a challenge.

“Footballers are human beings as well and some will deal with it better than others.”

Potter’s motto is to be prepared for whatever might happen in the coming weeks.

He added: “You would drive yourself insane second-guessing what will happen.

“The only choice is to try and be in the moment, carry on with the work you have got to do which is reviewing, planning, preparing for whenever the season starts again.”

“Doing our jobs the best we can in difficult circumstances.”