Albion employees have been told it is likely some off-field staff members will be furloughed.

The club would top up the 80% of wages paid by the government during the three-month period.

Chief executive Paul Barber told staff that, if the furlough scheme is used, “which is already being used by far more profitable businesses than ours, it will be because we have done everything possible to minimise our outgoings - and not because we are simply taking advantage of taxpayers’ money.”

He explained: "Many club and charity staff are simply unable to work at this time but will be needed when normal business resumes. This scenario is exactly what the furlough scheme is designed to support.

"In addition to protecting jobs, furloughing some staff would provide some support to the club’s cash flow, reduce our reliance on our chairman, and, as importantly, would help us to create a bridge to the time that we can hopefully re-start our business."

Barber, Dan Ashworth and Graham Potter have already taken voluntary pay cuts.

Talks are under way between Premier League clubs, players and the PFA over wage reductions and deferrals as football aims to survive the Covid-19 crisis.