Paul Barber has revealed Albiion bought "a small quantity" of coronavirus tests so they did not have to burden the NHS.

Two players have tested positive for Covid-19 but both are reported to be recovering well.

Barber, the club's deputy chairman and chief executive, said the club did not have unlimited access to tests.

He added: “We were able to buy a very small quantity, which is why we have used them sparingly - for two reasons.

“One, we want to protect the NHS. We don’t want to burden the NHS with elite footballers being tested.

“And, secondly, we don’t want to use NHS resources if we have someone sick and who needs testing.

“We have taken the decision to have a small number for our own use because, at any one time over the past few weeks, we have been on standby to potentially play games behind closed doors.

“As the crisis has worsened, that has become impossible and not at all a priority.

“We have been trying to shield, as we have been asked to do, the NHS from any involvement or complication created by professional football.

“I can only speak for our club but we have a very small quantity, we have used them very sparingly and only where players have displayed specific symptoms.

“We needed to know whether a player with symptoms was positive or not.”