Paul Barber has told Albion staff and fans not to expect empty promises during the coronavirus crisis.

The club’s deputy chairman is taking questions from staff and fans’ groups during a series of video forums.

He has pledged to be as informative as possible in uncertain times.

But he admitted: “The one thing I have been resolute about already with the staff is I am not going to make any promises or guarantees that I have absolutely no idea whether I can keep.

“That doesn’t help with certainty or clarity.

“What it does is store up a problem for another day which in turn creates even more uncertainty and even greater lack of clarity.

“I will answer all questions very openly and directly but what I say today might be different by the time I wake up tomorrow morning because of the way things are changing at the moment.

“There are some things I said a couple of weeks ago that have already moved on because the situation has moved on.”

Albion yesterday said they had no current plans to furlough staff.

Some employees of Albion In The Community have been furloughed after the charity saw its activities dramatically reduced by the lockdown.

Albion have pledged to maintain current levels of financial support to the charity and some initiatives, such as lessons to those in further education and tutorials for cancer sufferers, continue.