This time it wasn’t a full, action-packed 90 minutes.

It was perhaps a bit more like Vicente on a good day. A quality hour and that was enough.

But Albion continued to put the emphasis on communication yesterday as they hosted another of their online fans forums.

The club lead the way in terms of media communication and the third of their press conferences via Zoom video conferencing equipment takes place this afternoon.

They have been a Godsend for reporters and - by extension - fans who read and listen to the coverage and also an effective way of getting the club’s message across.

About 250 staff members ‘met’ last Monday and supporters are getting their chance too.

As well as their fans forum at the Amex, which tends to be just before the new season, Albion like to get out and about to meet supporters around the county and into London.

Those sessions are continuing now via video link – with plans to extend that.

Supporters in Australia, who already had their own fans forum via video rather than in person, will for once be on an equal footing with their counterparts closer to Brighton this time.

There could also be a forum for fans based in the USA.

All sessions are by invitation only – so anyone who thinks he or she should be eligible to take part should keep an eye on their email inboxes.

Questions are welcomed and encouraged, be it live or via email beforehand.

But supporters who do not have a question are also very welcome to click on the link and listen in.

Roger Bevan, chairman of Seagulls Over London, said: “I’ve had some fantastic feedback from the evening we had on Monday.

“I think it gave everyone a real morale boost to hear Paul Barber answering questions and what he had to say.

“One of our members could not quite believe he was sitting in his bedroom talking to the chief executive of a Premier League club!”

Yesterday it was the turn of the original Albion Supporters Club.

Questions were almost exclusively about the current Covid-19 crisis, the one exception being in relation to plans to squeeze some more seats into the Amex.

One point raised was the disadvantage at which Albion would be tackling some of their toughest home games with no support if matches are played behind closed doors.

Any fans hoping to be told they would be back soon at the Amex were not in for any encouragement.

Barber said it as he sees it – and did not give any false hope.

It will be some time before we all converge again on Falmer, that is surely becoming clearer by the day.

The club are coming up with more video initiatives to help keep fans engaged in the meantime.

Yesterday’s session was staged in mid-afternoon, which is now more feasible with so many people off work and at home.

The Seagulls Over London session last 90 minutes. Yesterday’s was shorter. An hour, if that. But it covered a lot of ground.

Barber said players had been “tremendously professional” in maintaining training standards as he spoke about the decision to now give them time off.

He has enjoyed the communication, telling The Argus: “For me again it was just another way of being able to get our messages out there and for them to get things off their chests.

“People can send in questions in advance or we had hands up in the ‘room’ and went live to that person’s house.

“We had a full 90 minutes of no dead air, all constant questions.

“There were a couple of little laughs along the way as well to try and lighten the mood.”