Paul Barber says Albion are having constructive talks with Albion players over pay.

The club have opened the accounts up to their players and shown exactly how they can help see them through the Covid-19 crisis.

Barber has welcomed the #PlayersTogether intiative to get funds quickly to the NHS frontline but talks over pay cuts remain ongoing.

He also revealed charity donations have been made locally by players.

Barber, the club’s deputy chairman and chief executive said: “We have spoken to our players through two representatives, Lewis Dunk and Glenn Murray, who have been very constructive, very positive, very helpful and very understanding of the situation that our club is facing.

“In return we have been very transparent with them about our finances.

“We were already forecasting to lose quite a large amount of money during the 2019-20 season.

“The crisis, no matter how it unfolds, will no doubt result in even greater losses.

“We have been very transparent on that, which is one of the things the PFA, and Gordon Taylor, has required.

“I think it is entirely appropriate in these circumstances that we are transparent with our own staff and players.

“I don’t think we need to be transparent with anyone else, including the PFA.

“I have got to say the response of the players has been very positive and we have a very constructive dialogue going on with them.

“We will see where that gets to.

“I think the other thing to say is our players have also made significant collective and personal donations over the past week or so to a number of different local charities.

“To an NHS health and wellbeing fund, to a homeless charity and a foodbank and also to a children’s hospice.

“The players have done that off their own bat, the club hasn’t been involved in that.

“They know this is a serious crisis, not just for companies but also for charities who rely on donations.

“Our players have taken it upon themselves to get involved with those good causes, which I think, as a club we are very proud of.”

Albion players were among the Premier League stars who announced the #PlayersTogether scheme via social media.

Barber said: “It’s a very nice gesture and it is going to very well received by the NHS and the various organisations who support them.

“Well played to the players on that one.”