Paul Barber has called on the PFA to help clubs secure player pay deals.

Albion are in regular dialogue with Glenn Murray and Lewis Dunk, the PFA's representatives within the squad as they look to reuce outgoings.

But Barber says top figures within the players' union must do their bit to help clubs survive probably football's worst ever crisis.

Albion's chief executive and deputy chairman said: "This isn’t a fire drill, this is real.

"This is probably the worst crisis the football industry has faced – ever. We must take it seriously.

"I understand the PFA have been doing their jobs and they represent the players and I totally respect that.

"But this is also a time when we need the PFA to help clubs get deals with their players because it is clubs who employ players.

"At the moment, it is clubs who are in trouble.

"The further down the pyramid we go, the deeper the troubles.

"We really do need some help at the moment."