Tony Bloom has turned down offers from non-playing Albion staff to take pay cuts.

Employees have followed Paul Barber, Graham Potter and Dan Ashworth in volunteering part of their wages to help the club through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Club owner Bloom has so far politely declined.

Barber, Albion’s deputy chairman, said: “I have been humbled by the amount of people that have come forward to offer a salary reduction or cut.

“Nobody at the club has asked them to, it is because they have seen the situation we are facing and wanted to help. That has been humbling.

“In line with typical Tony Bloom reaction, it has been, ‘Thank you very much, we are trying to reorganise our finances the best we can to cover this period’.

“Hopefully it will not go on forever but we will need some help and we are trying our best to reduce our costs at this time to minimise the help.

“At this stage he hasn't taken any pay reduction requests and that is typical of Tony.

“He is bearing that financial responsibility on his own shoulders.”