Tony Bloom has told Albion fans: We’ll get through this.

The Premier League season is on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Bloom is footing the bill for his club.

But he believes the nature of his massive investment over the years has set the Seagulls up to weather even this most unprecedented of storms.

The Albion chairman and owner said: “It’s difficult for everything within the business world and it’s not easy but we’ll get through it.

“I’ll get through it and the club will get through it.

“The majority of that (£360 million investment) is in the infrastructure in terms of the Amex and the training ground.

“We’re putting more investment into the training ground and also into our players.

“A lot of the money is in transfer fees for players – so things that hold an investment.

“Obviously, when it comes to operational costs and player salaries, they get written off.

“So I think we’re in a good position but we just need to get through this.

“The big issue we’ve got is uncertainty – about when the next game is going to be played.

“As a football club it’s all about playing games.

“We play 38 games plus a few in the cup every season and it’s the 19 at home in particular for our fans where we get a lot of extra income from matchdays – season ticket holders and corporate seats and everything that goes with that so it’s a really difficult situation and not knowing the timing makes planning and decision-making very, very difficult.”