Albion will be under strict controls when they return to training.

The first step towards a possible return to action requires sessions to last for no more than 75 minutes for any single player, with groups of a maximum of five players in each mini-session.

Players will be asked to leave three parking spaces between their vehicle and any other at the training ground and arrive wearing kit.

There will be no access to communal areas such as canteens.

All equipment will be disinfected by club staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and players must wear face coverings at all times.

An app will be used for players to provide daily updates on their condition.

There have been concerns raised by Premier League medics over their liability should any staff fall seriously ill, even with all the precautions that have been taken.

The league's director of football Richard Garlick said: "We have spoken to the insurers both in relation to the liability insurance for the clubs but also indemnity insurance for the doctors. It's in our protocols.

"They are content with them. I think we have done everything we can to get them in a place where they feel comfortable and obviously we just need to ensure we continue to follow Government guidance as and when it comes out with these next steps of protocols."