Travis Head will be given the chance to join Sussex’s overseas hall of fame.

The county are close to agreeing a multi-year deal with the Australia star, starting from next season.

But it is increasingly unlikely he will be at Hove this year, even if a way is found to start the domestic season.

Sussex coach Jason Gillespie shares the same agent as Head and talks have already taken place in their home city of Adelaide.

Head is keen to forge strong links with Sussex when the Covid-19 crisis is over.

Gillespie wants him to become a player who cricket followers associate with Sussex.

He is keen for a throwback to a past era when overseas stars were almost synonymous with one county.

A deal is not yet complete but it would be a surprise if Head were not at Sussex next season.

Gillespie said: “There is a good chance he will be at the club next year.

“We are dead keen and Travis is dead keen for it (the contract) to be more than the one year.

“We want to build a really strong relationship going forward.”