Paul Barber has confirmed a clean bill of health for Albion as they resume training.

He said the club will continue to be open with news of positive Covid-19 tests as the Premier League works towards a restart of the season.

Three initially unidentified clubs had personnel show up positive in Premier League tests this week.

Burnley and Watford later announced they were involved in four of the six positives.

A total of 748 tests across 19 clubs were included in the figures for Sunday and Monday. Norwich City did not test until Tuesday.

Barber, Albion’s chief executive and deputy chairman, confirmed today: “Our policy all the way through this has been to announce if we have positive tests.

“If there was no announcement, it means no positive tests.”

The Seagulls revealed a third positive among their squad less than a fortnight ago, following two such cases early in the current shutdown.

Barber said he was not qualified to offer expert assessment of the tally of six positives across the 19 clubs.

But he said: “It feels as if it was a low number.

“Obviously any positive test is worrying and concerning for the people involved and we wish them all the best.

“It certainly seemed to me a good restart to the first stage of the training protocol.”