Hope Powell says it is the right call to end the Barclays FA WSL season.

But she is proud of how her Albion players have dealt with two months of waiting, frustration and uncertainty due to the coronavirus-related stoppage.

The campaign ends with Albion in ninth place out of 12 teams and comfortably clear of bottom-placed Liverpool.

Powell believes no team should go down but that second-placed Chelsea should be crowned champions on a points-per-game basis.

The unbeaten Blues are currently one point behind leaders Manchester City with a game in hand.

Of more concern is the health of the players – and of the women’s game in general.

Powell said: “I think you have to appreciate these are really unprecedented times and we could ever have foreseen this.

“What is really important is the health and safety of the players and staff.

“The FA has been in consultation with clubs in the last eight weeks.

“It looks like it’s going to conclude and the season will be terminated but I think it is in the best interests of the players and the staff.

“If it goes that way, it’s a sensible thing to do.

“We’re not in a position where we can test players every two days, we haven’t got the capacity of pitches so we have to be really sensible and think about the person before we think about the sport.

“That is the priority for me.”

As with the lower reaches of the men’s EFL, widespread testing for Covid-19 is not viable in the women’s game.

Powell said: “There are substantial losses across the game and the cost to get the testing equipment, the PPE equipment, the medical staff in place to support the women’s game and the protocols is a huge cost that nobody could have ever foreseen.

“This is just an added burden that the game can’t afford and I think everybody can recognise that right now.

“I think everybody would recognise that.

“The health of players and staff is paramount.

“If we can’t find the budgets given the climate we’re in, we can’t really put the blame on anybody for that.

“It is what it is and we have to accept it.”

Key issues have still be decided off the pitch.

Powell would favour the table being settled on points per game, making Chelsea champions.

“I’d be happier if it was us!” she said.

“But, as it stands, it’s Chelsea, so yes, sure.

“I think it’s really important there is an outcome, certainly for Champions League places.

“I think the most important thing for me personally is not to relegate.”

Albion will now plot for next season – whenever that might start and whether or not it is open to the public.

Powell said: “We’ve gone through a budget process that Paul Barber has agreed to, the board has agreed to.

“We know we’ve got a certain amount of money ringfenced.

“We are trying to look ahead and plan for the things we can plan. If there is additional cost, then that has to be presented to the board.

“Unfortunately it’s out of our control, we didn’t know that this was coming.

“But I’m hoping that all being well that we can resume the season on time as it was planned to be.

“But if it isn’t safe to do so, then we won’t do it. The FA won’t sanction it.”