Albion have backed their players to resist temptations as lockdown is eased.

The squad are back in training and also have more options to get out and about in their time away from the club facilities in Lancing.

A round of golf or an afternoon at the beach are potentially back on the agenda.

But players are expected to remain vigilant against the spread of coronavirus.

Albion deputy chairman and chief executive Paul Barber said: “We’ve issued guidelines to the players all the way through and I’m touching wood here, but our players have been excellent in terms of maintaining all of the responsibilities that you’d expect of them.

“They are human beings. We can’t expect them not to want to take their kids out to the park or their dog for a walk or go for a run in their own time.

“But one of the reasons we opened the training ground a little bit earlier was to provide the players with a safe environment, as safe as it possibly can be, to do their individual running and to have that bit of time when they can’t get out elsewhere.

“I think now they’re back in small group training, the urge or the need to want to go into public spaces where there’s lots of people probably dissipates even further.

“And I think also, with the potential of playing very much on the horizon, no one is going to want to get ill at this point and therefore take any risks that could cause that.

“I’m reasonably comfortable and confident that our players will continue to do the right things.”