Albion expect the heat to be on their players as they eye a return to action.

Premier League clubs look set to play through from mid to late June until some point in August to compete the 2019-20 campaign.

It is likely to be a physical test for players who will have not played matches for more than three months.

Albion chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber said: “I think we’ll certainly be looking at all the physiological challenges and demands that players are going to be under playing in warmer months.

“I would imagine that drinks breaks will be a regular feature of matches and certainly the way players train and the period for which they train will change. I’m sure that will be factored in.

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“But the great thing these days is the amount of expertise that’s around us – strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, medical staff.

“They are all very highly trained so I would expect them to be taking all these things into consideration.

“A lot of the players in the Premier League are full internationals and they play tournaments in summer.

“But clearly other players won’t be used to that. That’s when we’ll need to use the experts around them.”

Albion are keeping tabs on the Bundesliga’s return to action and will be intrigued by how they come through this week, when there are three rounds of fixtures in nine days.

Paderborn skipper, and former Seagulls defender, Uwe Huenemeier has welcomed the Bundesliga’s decision to allow five substitutions per team per match.

That could be introduced by the Premier League as part of the restart of action.