This is what a top-flight football stadium looks like with a stand full of virtual fans.

The cutouts were in place at Borussia Monchengladbach as they hosted Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

About 13,000 fans paid the 19 euros required to have their own cutout in the stands.

Some Leverkusen fans also joined in – and ‘saw’ their side win 3-1.

But the cutouts were not universally popular and the match also saw a protest - using banners - against playing behind closed doors.

Albion have still to get the green light to finish their home campaign at the Amex.

But, should it happen, they will look at all ways of creating something at least closer to a normal matchday than rows of empty seats.

Albion chief executive Paul Barber said in a recent press conference: “It is for the league and broadcasters to try and work through what they can do and working with clubs to make the product we are delivering on TV in that scenario as good as it can be.

“Cardboard cutouts? I have joked a couple of times because we have to play Man United, Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal, if those cardboard cutouts help us, then yes, I’ll have 30,000 of them – no problem.

“We have to look at every scenario. No idea in this situation is a terrible idea.

“We have to consider everything to try and make the best of what we’ve got.

“But let’s make sure it’s safe first and then we’ll worry about those details later.”

There were also banners on display at the match protesting against what the Germans call ghost games.

“Football without fans is nothing” read one while another declared “For Borussia, against ghost games."