Albion have sought legal advice over a report that “furious” players – led by Lewis Dunk – questioned their stance on Project Restart.

They are unhappy at claims Dunk went direct to chairman Tony Bloom, expressing their unhappiness that Albion were being seen as the ringleaders in preventing Premier League football from returning.

In a statement released this afternoon, the club confirm that no such conversations have ever taken place.

Albion have written to the Mail on Sunday asking for the report, which they say is "entirely false",  to be removed from its website.

They have requested a correction in next week’s newspaper and have referred the matter to lawyers to consider further action.

Albion have led the way in terms of communication with the media throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

The statement says: “The club’s stance, entirely supported by our players, has been very clear and entirely consistent since the start of the pandemic: we wish to complete the season when it’s as safe as possible to do so, while ensuring the competition format remains as consistent and as fair as possible.

“In nine consecutive weekly media briefings, all conducted on the record, the club has remained entirely accessible, open, and transparent to all questions to support all media outlets throughout this very difficult period.

“It is therefore extremely disappointing that a story based on totally inaccurate information, seemingly from an off-the-record briefing from outside of our club, has been presented as fact without any effort whatsoever being made to contact the club for verification or comment.”

Albion were one of at least 14 clubs who opposed suggestions that the season be completed on neutral territory.

They were also one of the 20 who unanimously voted in favour of a return to training last week.