Albion stand as united as ever as they move into what could be a big week on the path towards a Premier League restart.

Clubs will vote on Wednesday on a potential return to full training with physical contact.

At the same time, Albion are taking legal advice over a report that “furious” players, led by skipper Lewis Dunk, told chairman Tony Bloom they are unhappy with how the club are approaching Project Restart.

Albion described the report as “entirely false” and sought a correction from the Mail On Sunday.

The club have prided themselves on high levels of communication with both the media and staff – including players – during the Covid-19 crisis.

Chief executive Paul Barber told media last Thursday that Albion would not approve Project Restart without the players’ agreement.

Barber said: “We’ve done the best we can to make sure that our players have not only been involved in every step of the process but also have been free to speak their own mind on the process, either privately or publicly.

“We’ve encouraged that dialogue between the players and the coaches, the players and Dan Ashworth, the players and myself.

“We’ve checked before we voted on Monday that the players were fully on board.”

Phase one was passed with no problem but there could be more concerns from players over the next stage. Brazilian left-back Bernardo has praised the club and the PFA for taking the squad’s views on board.

He told Sky Sports News: “One thing I think is important and really nice here in England is how active the PFA is.

“They have done an amazing job. They are always in contact with the players and they always defend our interests and make our opinions very clear.

“I’m not afraid and never felt any pressure of not being honest with them (Brighton) and not saying how I feel.

"But how things are going to end up and if I agree, I can’t answer right now.”

Albion were one of 14 clubs to speak against playing on neutral territory but were also part of a unanimous vote to resume training last week.

A statement said: “The club’s stance, entirely supported by our players, has been very clear and entirely consistent since the start of the pandemic: we wish to complete the season when it’s as safe as possible to do so, while ensuring the competition format remains as consistent and as fair as possible.

“In nine consecutive weekly media briefings, all conducted on the record, the club has remained entirely accessible, open, and transparent to all questions to support all media outlets throughout this very difficult period.

“It is therefore extremely disappointing that a story based on totally inaccurate information, seemingly from an off-the-record briefing from outside of our club, has been presented as fact without any effort whatsoever being made to contact the club for verification or comment.”