Premier League clubs and television broadcasters will remain strong allies, according to Paul Barber.

That is despite a recent report that TV bosses want a refund of more than £300 million because of disruption to their football schedules.

Albion chief executive Barber said: “I’m not privy to the direct discussions between the Premier League and the broadcast partners, so I really can’t answer that question.

“All I know is that all the way through from the inception of the Premier League to where we are now, the broadcast partners have been a critical partner in the whole process. They’ve obviously been through a difficult time themselves.

“We’ve obviously not been able to play games, which are important for them and their content.

“I would hope that during the spirit of the partnership we’ve built up over 28 years, we can get our games back on, the broadcasters can get the content they need and the whole ecosystem can start again.”