Hope Powell hopes to see Aston Villa added to the Barclays FA WSL for next season.

The 2019-20 campaign was officially ended today as a result of what the FA described as “overwhelming feedback from clubs”.

It remains unclear as to how, or whether, such issues as the title, relegation and promotion will be decided. Albion are safe from any relegation fears.

Powell favours points per game as a method to decide final positions, which would make Chelsea champions.

She does not believe any teams should go down.

But she says promotion would be justified for Championship leaders Villa, who dropped just two points in their 14 fixtures this term.

Powell told The Argus: “It is unfair to relegate from the WSL because it hasn’t actually finished.

“But Aston Villa are six points clear in the Championship.

“They look like the frontrunner and there is every chance they were going to win the league.

“I think, as well, it gives us more games in the WSL. I don’t actually think we play enough.

“They are a good side, have got some good quality players and I think they deserve to go up.

“I don’t think anybody deserves to do down, though.”