Premier League clubs will be very happy if they can get five or six weeks of ‘pre-season’ before resuming fixtures.

But fitting in some sort of practice matches along the way is key.

That is the view of one of the fitness experts who have been helping keep them in shape over the last two-and-a-half months.

Worthing-based personal trainer Alex Parsons, who works one-to-one with Prem players, says he has seen a change of pace since the green light was given for phase one of training.

That could step up a level this week if the 20 clubs approve plans for stage two.

Some idea of the schedule for the remaining nine rounds of games could also emerge in the coming days.

Parsons, who plays for Worthing, said: “It is going to be like a pre-season.

“The clubs would like as long as possible but, if they can get a maximum six weeks before the first game, I think they will be very happy with that.

“I know most went back last week.

“I’ve seen some dates thrown around for matches in mid-June.

“That gives three weeks from now but in an ideal world they would be happy with minimum four weeks in my opinion”

The Argus:

Parsons, pictured above, is known for his work with Southampton goal-getter Danny Ings and has other, unidentified, clients in the top tier, although not at Albion.

He said: “I think it is important to have some games before the restart.

“No one knows how they will deal with that but I think they will have to be in-house games.

“To go from not much to a Premier League game, where there is so much riding on it especially in the bottom six, there is so much pressure on them.

“The psychological stress of high pressured games along with not being at 100% match fit is when there are possibilities of injuries occurring, but these guys are finely tuned athletes and the best of them will be raring to go”