Crawley Town are off to a promising start to their crowdfunding campaign.

But they stress the scheme is not in place to keep the club in business.

Reds quickly passed ther £1,000 mark after kicking things off on Wednesday.

They are offering the chance to buy a range of items.

But general manager Tom Allman said some fans have also made donations.

Technical director Erdem Konyar believes the club will lose a further £400,000 income next season if, as feared, gates remain closed until the turn of the year due to coronavirus.

Allman told The Argus: “Erdem has said several times we are not in financial danger but, at the same time, it is no secret we are looking for different income streams.

“We have seen the success other clubs have had with this type of scheme but we have put our own twist on it.

“These are tough times. Everyone has a deficit. We are just looking to do all we can.”

Reds will hand over 10% of money raised to NHS Charities Together.

The League Two season is now over but fans have the chance to buy ticket bundles and hospitality for next term in the crowdfunding scheme.

They can also buy tickets which are then donated to members of the NHS.

Allman said: “The chance to be in next season’s team picture has also been a popular item.

“There is also the chance to travel to an away match with us or join the management team for a match in the Sussex Senior Cup.”

He added: “Ever since we were forced into closing our doors, we’ve been inundated with support from our fans through the renouncing of their ticket refunds and have had further requests from fans wanting to further financially help out the club during this difficult period - which is amazing, but not surprising knowing our fans.”

Reds have also launched a food takeaway or delivery service, Crawley Ballerz, which they are operating from their stadium.

The club have not cut or deferred wages for any of their contracted players.

They have triggered options on three out-of-contract players.

Ashley Nathaniel-George will remain at the club for a further two years while Josh Doherty and David Sesay are on board for next season.