Albion are working to meet strict controls as they prepare to stage Premier League football at the Amex.

Some key club staff have now resumed working at the stadium.

The club are getting ready for the visit of Arsenal on Saturday, June 20.

They do so following stringent protocols agreed by the 20 top-flight clubs.

Stadia will be divided into red, amber and green zones on matchdays.

Albion chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber said: “There is a huge amount of detail involved to create three different zones within the stadium environment.

“Clearly the playing area and the tunnel is going to be a very restricted area.

“The stands themselves, which unfortunately will be empty of fans, will have some other officials in them.

“And, of course, outside the stadium we will have staff who are responsible for making sure people move in and out safely.

"That is a very different way of working.

“It is going to take a lot of work on our part to get to the required standards.

"Every club has got to get to that standard before the government and the Premier League will sign it off.”

Barber said television viewers "might well see" cardboard pop-ups of fans in the upper tiers of the Amex. 

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady has also revealed how stadia will be split into three sections.

She wrote in The Sun: "Red zone will be the most severely restricted area, including the pitch, the tunnel, technical areas, changing rooms will be limited to 105 people maximum, to include players, coaching staff, match officials and all the essential staff only.

"And only those who have tested negative for Covid-19 in the past five days can enter this area.

"We will be creating a Clinical Passport System for those who will need to have access to the red zone.

"The amber zone will be restricted to the minimum number of staff required to meet contractual requirements for broadcasting, media and club staff.

"This area includes all interior areas within the stadium and anyone entering this area will be subject to a temperature check and a health questionnaire.

"And the green zone is the stadium exterior, such as car parking."

The league's rule that clubs must pick their strongest available team remains in place.

Players must not spit, share drinks or shake hands.

Lower-tier rows of seating in each of the 20 stadia will be covered by clubs' insignia and some fan representation.

Viewers will experience 360 degree replays and have pre-match tunnel access and all shirts will feature the NHS logo on the front.