Tony Bloom has added his voice to calls for fans to stay away from the Amex.

Albion resume their Premier League programme behind closed doors when Arsenal visit on Saturday.

Deputy chairman and chief executive Paul Barber has already explained why the club would be in a if fans were to try and get close to the stadium.

PC Darren Balkham, who works as Sussex Police’s liaison with the club and its fans, gave this detailed account of how Albion remained at the Amex rather than playing at neural stadia.

The club and police are confident no supporters will try to access the stadium, which will be sealed off on all sides just in case.

Now club chairman Bloom has delivered a strong message urging supporters to play their part.

He told “We are proud of our fans and their passionate support for the team, and I appreciate that it’s just not going to feel the same only being able to follow the Albion on TV for the next few weeks.

“Nevertheless, we’re trying to make the experience as enjoyable as it can be for you, and it’s great that many hundreds of you will be in the ground - ‘virtually’ at least - watching as a “Fan in the Stand”.

“However, while some fans may be tempted to come to the Amex on matchdays, I urge you to resist the temptation.

“Having fans milling around the Amex will not only damage the club’s reputation, but also put at risk our ability to stage games in our own stadium at a later date.

“One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, we’ll be welcoming supporters back to the Amex.

“It will be a fantastic occasion and something I am looking forward to as much as you.”