Graham Potter says Albion can never feel fully established in the Premier League.

And he knows opposite number Sean Dyche would back him up on that.

Potter and Dyche go head to head today as Albion visit Burnley on the final day of Premier League fixtures.

Albion are safe but their margin over the bottom three might end up as just one point and a few goals, depending on today’s results.

The Seagulls are heading into a fourth Prem season and Burnley went up a year before them.

Potter said: “I worked at Swansea for a year and they were in the Premier League for seven years.

“You might say seven years is established in the Premier League but you are never established really because it is the toughest league in the world.

“Take Everton, for example, and you have Carlo Ancelotti quoted as saying 'survival was the important thing for us this year' and that's Everton!

“It is not that we do not have ambition to do better and do not think we can’t do better.

“Of course we can but, at the same time, you need to respect the Premier League, you need to respect the opposition, you need to respect how difficult it is and, as a club, if we think we can just turn up and win Premier League games, then we're in trouble.

“It is an absolute fight all the time, all the way.”

Asked whether every season should be viewed, initially at least, as a relegation battle, Potter said: “Of course, I totally agree and that is why have to have that humility and respect for the league.

“I have always tried to say that.

“If there are people out there who think Brighton, because they are Brighton, are not battling for points in the Premier League, then I am sorry but my opinion is different.

“Not to say we cannot aspire to not being in this situation and you can see there are teams out there who will have good seasons and end up out of the trouble.

“But I am pretty sure if you speak to Sean Dyche he will say the same thing – the priority is to stay in the league, to not disrespect the league, not think you are above where you are, get the points that you need and then see where you are and how the table looks in the end.

“But we are always going to fight and respect the competition and respect how difficult it is.”