Albion have been told signing Adam Lallana would be “a real coup” for the club.

Ex-Seagulls skipper Dean Hammond was replaced as captain when they were colleagues at Southampton.

He expects the England international to lead by example in his new venture.

Lallana is expected to sign for the Seagulls after reaching the end of his contract at Liverpool.

Hammond told The Argus: “At Southampton, he succeeded me as captain and rightly so.

“Football-wise he is a very talented guy and he understands the game.

“He sets high standards. He works harder in training than anyone else.

“He is very dedicated in his profession.

The Argus:

Dean Hammond celebrates a goal for Southampton with a young Adam Lallana in hot pursuit

“He leads by example. I’m not saying he is going to be a bawler and shouter but he will lead by how he plays and how he conducts himself."

Hammond stressed he knew nothing about the deal but added: "It would be a real coup to get him.”

Lallana can operate in various roles around midfield.

Hammond said: “He is one hell of a player. He’s one of the best, if not the best, I have played with. Both footed, technically brilliant.”