Adam Lallana could tempt best mate Jordan Henderson to join him on the South Coast.

But it won’t be until they have hung up their boots.

Albion’s new signing will take the No.14 shirt next season.

It is number worn by Liverpool skipper Henderson.

In an Instagram message, Henderson wrote: "Brighton have signed a world class footballer but an even better person and I'm sure they will see that from the very first day.”

Lallana has previously worn No.20 but that is already used by Solly March.

Asked about his choice of 14, he said: “It’s a little bit of banter, I thought.

“There wasn’t much available at Brighton and it was just the one that stick out.

“You’ve got to pick a number, haven’t you?

“Take from it what you want. It doesn’t matter too much.

“It’s the performances that count.”

Lallana has attempted to draw a line under his six years at Liverpool.

But he will remain on good terms with the Anfield outfit and is close friends with Henderson.

He said: “It’s obviously very apparent we are best mates.

“Our wives are best mates, the kids are best friends, same schools.

“As a whole package it was an emotional few days last week.

“I think from winning the Premier League on Wednesday through to Friday, they were three difficult, emotional days.

“I didn’t want to hold anything in. I felt like I’d got all my emotion out.

“Sunday came and I knew I was heading down my medical on Monday. I was ready for my next challenge. It was everything Brighton.

The Argus:

“I know it sounds pretty blunt to put a line under Liverpool but I felt like I had dealt with leaving and I wanted to make that transition to Brighton.

“I feel I have done that in the best way possible.

“But me and Jordan will be in contact for ever.

“I’ll have to introduce him to the South Coast so, when we are both retired, he might have a little place down here. Who knows?”

Henderson signed off his Insta mesage to Lallana with the words: "p.s. loving the #14."